What happens after our process?

What happens if I agree with the Ombudsman’s decision?

If you agree with our decision, you have 20 working days to accept it, otherwise it will lapse. If you do accept our decision, this will be binding on the service provider who must comply with our decision within 20 working days from the date of your acceptance (If you have provided any details that may be needed for them to comply). If the decision includes a refund, the service provider should complete the refund within 14 days of your acceptance (if you have provided the details needed for payment to be completed).

If you would like to accept the service provider’s offer, please contact the service provider directly or our Aftercare Team via aftercare@railombudsman.org to notify them of your acceptance.

Acceptance of any resolution will be notified to the service provider who will be asked to contact you direct with regards to this.

What if I prefer the service provider’s previous offer to the Ombudsman’s decision?

If the Ombudsman’s decision is different to what was previously offered by the service provider, you may not be able to rely on a previous offer that was better. The service provider is not obliged to honour the original offer, and the better offer may be withdrawn.

What if I don’t agree with the Ombudsman’s decision?

We always look to be fair and reasonable. However, you might disagree with us. You are fully entitled to do that. However, once a decision has been made, this cannot be appealed, and the case is closed. This means we won’t be able to take further action on your complaint, but you remain free to take it further in other ways, for example, taking legal action through the court where the outcome may differ to the Ombudsman’s decision.

What if I have accepted and I don’t hear back from the service provider?

The Rail Ombudsman will be able to follow this up after the service provider has had a reasonable opportunity to arrange this with you. Please allow 20 working days for the service provider to process your settlement (or 10 working days if you are awaiting a refund). If you do not hear from them or have not received your settlement after this period, please e-mail aftercare@railombudsman.org .