Complaints about our service

If you feel the service you have received from the Rail Ombudsman has not met the standards that you’d expect, you can raise a formal complaint.

In the first instance your complaint can be expressed over the telephone, by letter or by email. It will initially be handled by the person dealing with your case or enquiry (if a case has not been raised).

If you remain unhappy with the response you have received, you may escalate the complaint to a senior manager. This can be expressed by telephone, by letter, or by email. A full review of the complaint will be carried out and a response provided within 15 working days

If you are still unhappy after receipt of the response following the senior manager’s review, you can contact our Independent Assessor who can look into your concerns. The senior manager will inform you on how to get in touch with the Independent Assessor.

Please be aware that this is not an appeal process and whilst your complaint will be investigated fully, the Ombudsman cannot be compelled to overturn its decision. The customer always reserves the right to pursue the matter via alternative channels should they remain dissatisfied with the award.