Steps to take before making a complaint

To assist us in helping you, please take the following steps before starting a complaint:

  • Contact the Service Provider

    Notify the service provider of your complaint, explain what you are not happy about and be clear about what you would like to be done to put things right.

  • Try to resolve your complaint with the Service Provider

    If you can resolve your complaint with the service provider directly, this may be quicker and easier for both parties. To help you reach a resolution: be calm but assertive, give the service provider a chance to respond and wherever possible, provide any information or evidence that could help you move forward.

    Try to resolve your complaint with the Service Provider

  • Gather evidence

    Make a note of key dates, documents and any contact you have with the service provider. You may consider keeping a file and saving emails and letters. This could be used as evidence to support your case if it is brought to us. For further guidance on the types of evidence you may provide, please see our Consumer Guide.

  • Complete our Eligibility Checklist

    Complete our Eligibility Checklist

  • Start a complaint

    If you remain dissatisfied and you have taken the above steps, you may wish to contact us to start a complaint.

To start a complaint or to access an existing complaint, please click on the button below to find out more.