How do we remain independent?

The Rail Ombudsman is neither a consumer champion nor an industry representative. We operate independently and impartially to ensure fairness in every case. Comprising an independent Chair and members including a majority in Non-Executive roles, the Board is responsible for appointing the Chief Ombudsman and providing governance. The Rail ADR Service Board also helps to safeguard the Rail Ombudsman’s interests so that it is free to operate effectively and independently. The Board meets quarterly and provides sound oversight over the application of the Scheme Rules and Eligibility Criteria to ensure the Rail Ombudsman is free to operate independently from those that the Rail Ombudsman has the power to investigate. Everyone on the board signs a Fit and Proper Person Declaration. The Rail ADR Service Board will consult with the Rail Sector Advisory Panels for matters which require rail industry or consumer advocacy input and advice and as to how it can better meet its objectives and functions.