How will we try to resolve your complaint?

Stage 1: Mediation – The first stage of our process is mediation which means that we will try to encourage you and the Service Provider to reach an agreement. We will review the evidence we’ve been given, and we will be in touch with you (this might be by phone, email or letter) and the Service Provider to see if we can agree a way to settle the complaint. We may also, where appropriate, seek to schedule a video call with you (at mediation stage only).

Stage 2: Adjudication – If you and the Service Provider cannot reach an agreement, we will move to the second stage which is called adjudication. This means that an Ombudsman will make an independent decision on the case based on the evidence and information provided. This decision is binding on the Service Provider however, it is not binding on you as the customer.

As we are independent, our decision may be different to what you were hoping for or to what may have been previously offered by the Service Provider. We treat each case fairly on the evidence provided and we’ll let you know our decision in writing.