What sort of complaints do we not cover?

You may come to us with any unresolved complaint about one of the participating service providers if it meets the Eligibility Checklist.

We will review your complaint and decide if it’s something we can look into ourselves, or if it’s something which needs to be dealt with by another organisation.

We are unable to look into complaints about:

  • public policy on transport, privatisation or how the industry is run;
  • strike action;
  • how a railway line affects your home;
  • appeal of penalty fares or parking fines;
  • complaints relating to the outcome of staff disciplinary action;
  • complaints that have already been dealt with or which are being investigated by another organisation such as the courts;
  • issues which are outside the control of the Service Provider;
  • where you have already accepted a decision or offer made by the Service Provider;
  • where you are claiming business losses;
  • where you are claiming more than £2500 in compensation; or
  • where it is about an event which took place before the Rail Ombudsman service was established.

If we believe your complaint is not something we can look into – we will explain clearly why.  We will also, where possible, suggest alternative options available or transfer your complaint to another organisation that may be able to help you further such as Transport Focus or London TravelWatch. They will review your complaint and where appropriate, follow things up on your behalf.