What sort of complaints do we cover?

You may come to us with any unresolved complaint about one of the participating service providers if it meets the Eligibility Checklist.

We will review your complaint and decide if it’s something we can look into ourselves, or if it’s something which needs to be dealt with by another organisation.

Our role is to look into the quality of service provided based on the commitments a Service Provider has made to you, and your consumer rights. We cannot look into complaints to do with industry policies or regulations.

We cover rail service complaints about:

  • train delays and cancellations;
  • retailing and refunds of tickets;
  • customer service;
  • safety issues, such as overcrowding;
  • information given about journeys or engineering works;
  • availability and access to station facilities including toilets, lifts, escalators, waiting rooms, parking, cycle storage, announcements, and lost property;
  • the quality of services available on a train including toilets, food and drink, heating, air-conditioning, information, announcements, wi-fi, priority bookings, and reserved seats;
  • passenger assistance, facilities for customers with disabilities, and discrimination or issues arising under the Equality Act 2010.